Top 3 Tips to Know About High Heel Shoes

Most women (myself included) like dressing up and heading out in a nice pair of high heel shoes. High heels are a symbol of sophistication, they inspire a sense of fashion and are after all an amazing accessory to your outfit. “Beauty is pain” is often what I repeat to myself with every painful step of wearing certain heels. But consider this; The pain you experience by wearing heels can often have lasting effects on your feet as a whole. You can cause damage to your toenails which could result in a nail fungus, you could cause your Bunions to be come worse and you could increase your risks of developing osteoarthritis. Hammertoes, blisters and corns can also be a source of pain that a lot of women are more than willing to endure in the name of beauty and fashion.  Furthermore, if your a person who has worn heels all of your life and are finding your regular fabulous shoe gear to be causing you pain, you would be in good company. As we age the fat pad in the balls of our feet atrophies, causing you to have less cushion in the balls of your feet when wearing your high heels. This can expose you to the risk of getting stress fractures in your bones.

Now, the best way to remedy the aforementioned issues with high heel shoes is to switch to more supportive sports shoes. But lets be honest, nobody leaves their precious heels behind without a fight. So, here are some tips to consider when buying a new pair of heels to limit the possibility of foot pain.

Tip #1

Get cushion for the balls of your feet!  Metatarsal pads can be purchased and placed on the heel.  This pad can  act like the fat pad that has been lost.

Tip #2

Wear shoes with a thicker heel.  This will give you more stability and not put as much pressure on the balls of your feet.

Tip #3

Open toe high heels won’t cause as much friction on the toes and will reduce the changes of corns and calluses. If you do have corns and calluses, you can make an appointment and have your podiatrist remove them and discuss correcting the problem that is causing them (i.e hammertoes).

If you have pain in your feet due to high heel shoes, call my office to schedule an appointment!

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